The twelve inch snow glistened under the cold, blank winter sky as the raging fire engulfed her home with a twinkle in her eye.

The snow appeared orange like light from a dream as the trees began crying from the death they had seen.

A girl stood shivering as she looked into the blaze and the six year old would never be the same.

Ashes rained down upon her like newly fallen snow. There she stood shivering with her arms dangling low.

Her face remained frozen for a while, holding only the hand of her best friend; a doll with a menacing smile.

A child's Christmas never came for only death was delivered on the eve of that day.

Her mother and her dog burned to the ground in the midnight fog.

The sound of sirens and whistles filled the smoke glazed air as the little girl stood with a cold, blank stare.

No words would ever cross her bitter lips again for the night before Christmas smiled with a sinister grin.

So the story was told about an evil occurring when the lights went out and a creature was stirring.

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